Sex Witch combines occult knowledge with tried-and-true relationship advice to provide spells for each stage of a relationship. Self-love, seduction, sex, love, protection, revenge, and healing are all covered. The spells, such as “A Tarot Spread to Find Which Relationship Format Is Right for You,” “No TERFS Allowed: Embrace Gender Identity,” and “Consecrate Sex Toys” use occult knowledge and Saint Thomas’s award-winning relationship writing to manifest a spell book that does something genuinely magickal: it works. Sex Witch is real. Love is not always fair. Sometimes we get hurt or hurt others. Using the magic inside, you’ll learn how to stay balanced during these ups and downs: •Break toxic cycles. •Use candle magic to summon the perfect partner. •Embrace and unleash your kinks. •Navigate relationships through rough patches. •Get over former lovers. •Practice self-forgiveness and self-kindness. A 5.9" x 7.9" Paperback book with 240 pages.

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