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Meet Hollie Hope

Clears Trapped Emotions, Drum Medicine Woman

By holding tight to negative perspectives about ourselves and others we hinder deep connections with others, spiritual gifts, and the manifestation of our desires.

My work is to guide you to identify and release trapped negative filters, beliefs, and traumas, in order to allow a new level of self-awareness.

What stories have you been telling yourself about your life and why it and the people in your life are not what you desire?

What if we can simply find the negative obstacles in your perception and release them?

What if while we do so, we are also learning new behavior and thought patterns to maintain a clear understanding to think and act from our TRUE desires so we are able to fully embrace joy?!

Through intuitive readings, energy healing, educational books, classes, drum medicine, and sound therapy, I help you understand what needs to change in order to receive the positive change you desire.

That is what my work is all about. Letting go of what is not part of who we want to be, and choosing different so life can actually BE different.

Meet Cyndi Brown

Intuitive Life Coach, Business Consulting Powerhouse

I get it! For years, life was living me. I did all of the things we are told to do – grow up, get married, have kids, live happily ever after…. EXCEPT…. It wasn’t exactly happening like it was “supposed” to. My life was ANYTHING BUT a fairytale.

That’s when the discovery happened…. I was not living my life, it was living me. 

I made the decision to start LIVING my life.  I rediscovered my innate ability to see, hear and feel things through my sixth sense. I’ve studied under the world’s top mentors, trainers and healers. I’ve now been able to be a part of numerous trainings, retreats, and one-on-one journeys of hundreds of men and women across the nation. It’s not luck anymore, it’s intentional living.

I invite you to take the chance on yourself. You deserve it. 

My work helps you laser-focus in on your life vision and create strategies to make it a reality. I offer intuitive guidance unique to your circumstances, assist in developing habits, focus, and personal empowerment to help develop your best self and stay on track with a positive mindset. You can deepen your connection to your higher self so that you can follow your dreams and live your best life, and increase your confidence by breaking through limitations and uncover blind spots.

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