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Tarot and Oracle Decks

Want to learn Tarot?

Here's how to start

Pick your deck

Selecting a deck is a very personal choice. If you’re a beginner, I recommend the classic Rider-Waite (find out why). You can always expand your deck collection, or pick one with imagery that resonates with you. View all our decks.

Get Familiar with the cards

Learn the basics. What is Tarot? How is it structured? What’s the history? Familiarize yourself with the 78 cards of the Tarot and learn the definitions of the Major and Minor Arcana. Get a general sense of what the suits mean, and start putting together the puzzle that will ultimately guide your study of the cards and stand as a framework for the Tarot story.

Expand your knowledge

All of the Tarot’s meanings can be found in the story behind each card. Learn these stories and you’ll immediately be able to string them together into an accurate reading. Use the imagery of the cards to recall keywords that remind you of the stories you’ve learned. Experiment with different spreads. Learn how the cards interact with each other.

Apply and Practice

Jump in and read! Whether you pull a card-of-the-day for yourself or read for others. Push yourself to discover parts of the Tarot that are unfamiliar. Overcome areas that give you trouble. Never stop learning. Commit to sharing what you’ve learned, and use it to help those around you on a daily basis. Practice and feedback are the things that set apart a Tarot amateur from a Tarot professional.

Ready to Begin Your Tarot Journey?

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If the prospect of learning Tarot feels overwhelming, let me help!

Three ways to learn:

  1. My self-paced online course
  2. A live group class (via Zoom  РCheck Schedule)
  3. A live group class in person (Saint Petersburg, Florida and the surrounding areas – Check Schedule).

All options give you access to the self-paced online course



I’m Rick, the Tarot Fellow, and welcome to tarotfellow.com. I’ve been using Tarot as a base for my relationship to Spirit for over 20 years.

I Believe Tarot makes us better

To me, Tarot is an established, ceremonial way to connect to your higher-self. Throughout the Tarot Learning portions of this site, you’ll hear me talk about the stories found in the cards. Like parables, these stories set a pattern for our lives. Not only can you use the cards to assist others, but can use them to strengthen your intuition. If you apply Tarot lessons to your own path, I believe they will enrich your life.

Anyone can learn to read Tarot!

You don’t have to believe in any religion or spirituality to find value in the Tarot stories. You don’t even have to believe there is a metaphysical reason the cards work! Use Tarot for divination, or meditation, or even just to set the tone for your day. It is a gift available to everyone.